Pharmacists can improve inhaler technique in patients

Effectiveness of Various Methods of Teaching Proper Inhaler Technique: The Importance of Pharmacist Counseling by Axtell and others

In this study a comparison was made between reading a package insert pamphlet, watching a video with inhaler instructions and receiving direct 2 minute instruction from a pharmacist. 72 healthy inhaler naive participants were included. Directly after the instruction, participants demonstrated their inhaler technique with a placebo and were rated according to 7 critical errors. Approximately 70% of the participants showed the correct inhaler technique after the pharmacist instruction.



Impact of community pharmacists in COPD management: Inhalation technique and medication adherence, by Hesso and others

In this publication 10 articles regarding the impact of community pharmacists on COPD management were assessed. Inhaler technique and medication adherence were evaluated in these studies. Results showed that pharmacists interventions are effective in improving inhaler technique and adherence.  Pharmacists should more intensively be involved in the management of COPD. Moreover, the authors advice to develop new studies to evaluate the most effective frequency of inhaler instructions.











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